Paolo Sassi Food Stylist
Immersed in the world of food advertising as a boy, with a talented and well known food stylist as a mom, I got into this world after performing scientific studies. I started out as an assistant and after years of intense work on the set I began to stand on my own two feet. Now, after over twenty years of living with photos, live action and most of all table top, I finally have the necessary expertise for this job. However, there is always something to learn and my job is not only made of knowledge, technical skills and taste, but most of all of situations, very brief and often unexpected moments and research. This is why experience is the first value for this job. This is what hundreds of commercials and photos with the best experts around the world in many different countries have lead to. What’s more, maybe my love for food and everything surrounding it makes my job more instinctive than rational. Always watching things with a critical eye because perfection is hard to come by.
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